Non-Competitive Title

Water Plant Helper

Salary UnspecifiedPosted July 24, 2019

Performs routine manual work in the water treatment plant; does related work as required.  This is routine manual work requiring no previous training or experience but requiring physical endurance and willingness to perform menial tasks. Constant oversight is maintained over the work performed.


Non-Competitive Title

Water Utility Worker

Salary UnspecifiedPosted July 24, 2019

The work involves performing routine manual work requiring physical endurance and willingness to perform a variety of routine and repetitive tasks. Direct supervision is received from a higher-ranking employee who makes work assignments and reviews work completed. Supervision may be the responsibility of this class, part-time, seasonal and inexperienced personnel. Does related work as required.

Non-Competitive Title

Senior Distribution Engineer

Salary UnspecifiedPosted October 3, 2019

Has charge of the design, construction and maintenance of the water distribution system; acts as a staff engineer; does related work as required. This is a major professional engineering and supervisory position involving responsibility for the application of engineering skills in designing, maintaining and supervising the construction of the water distribution system. The position also involves staff activities in relation to agency-wide planning. The work is performed in accordance with established policy with broad leeway permitted for the exercise of independent judgment. Supervision is exercised over all employees assigned to distribution operations.

Competitive Title

Control Operator Civil Service Examination Required

Salary UnspecifiedPosted August 13, 2019

The work involves responsibility for performing maintenance and repair of the water distribution system’s pumps, tanks, reservoirs, valves and related equipment and machines during an assigned shift. Responsibilities also include monitoring the distribution system’s radio- controlled computerized information network to ensure that appropriate water pressure is maintained. Work is performed under the general supervision of the Control Operator Crew Chief or higher administrative staff member. Does related work as required.


Pending Jurisdictional Classification

Diesel Generator Mechanic

Salary UnspecifiedPosted June 26, 2019

This is skilled work in the maintenance, repair and modification of diesel electric generating equipment and related equipment.  Work involves responsibility for performing a variety of skilled tasks in maintaining, repairing and modifying diesel electric generating equipment in water/wastewater treatment facilities.  Work includes servicing, repairing and maintaining diesel engine driven electric generators and related equipment.  Work assignments are received in the form of oral and written orders, which may be accompanied by sketches and diagrams.  Work is performed with considerable independence within established policies, procedures and technical guidelines; and is reviewed by a superior through conferences, reports and results obtained.